Dog Buying/Selling

We sale healthy, pure breed puppies of different breeds at reasonable cost. We do have the provision of buying afore-mention puppies from dog breeder.

Dog Breeding

We arrange the mating partner under the provision and rules of the royal kennel to the prospective owners looking for a suitable match partner for their pet.

Dog Training

Obedience is essential to establish a strong bond and co-relation between the dog and the owner. We provide training for dogs at your home as well as in our kennel keeping in mind the psychology and temperament of your dog by well trained trainer.

Vaccination & Treatment

We provide vaccination and treatment services as per convenience either at your home or at our clinic by the experienced vet doctors or technicians at a reasonable cost.

Kennel Boarding

We provide boarding facilities at our kennel with adequate provision of balanced food and homely environment.

Counseling Services

We provide different counseling services to the dog owners in various critical conditions and reaming them the expected dates for vaccination and deworming.

Pet Health Care

Our veterinarians and technicians are skilled at treating a variety of pet health concerns. We do all kind of services for pet health care like bathing, nail cutting, hair managing etc.

Accessories Selling

Here is available of all king of pet related accessories in reasonable prices which makes facilitate to our pet lovers to take care their puppy because of getting necessary things easily.


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